Here are some great pictures from my photography portfolio.

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Young Man climbing a fixed rope route while wearing a helmet in the austrian alps
Young woman wearing a helmet climing a fixed rope route in the austrian alps
Outdoor Photo of a couple ontop of a ridge in the Karwendelgebirge
Mountain climber looks into the camera
Sports pic showing a man hiking in the alps
Athlete overlooking the mountain in the early morning in his active wear
When nature calls - a man sitting on a portable toilet in the great outdoors
Landscape picture of a man sitting on on the top of the Schesaplana glacier with toilet paper flowing in the wind
aerial photo of a man sitting on a toilet with a view of the luenersee and the mountains in the background
Portrait of a woman sitting at the wheel of her vw camper van smiling. Her hair is blowing in the wind. Shot as part of a self portrait story by Cape Town Photographer Jessica Zumpfe
A girl sitting next to her van both enjoying the view over the ocean at misty cliffs in cape town.
Young outdoor model sitting at the steering wheel of her vw camper van, gazing thoughtfully out of the window.