Here are some great pictures from my photography portfolio.

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DLRG Lifeguards preparing for the training mission
DLRG Lifeguard standing infront of the rescue boat
DLRG Rescue Boat going out to drop the victim into the water
DLRG Multiplicator watching the rescue mission
DLRG Trainer before the operation
Young Man climbing a fixed rope route while wearing a helmet in the austrian alps

Young woman wearing a helmet climing a fixed rope route in the austrian alps
Outdoor Photo of a couple ontop of a ridge in the Karwendelgebirge
Mountain climber looking into the camera
Sports pic showing a man hiking in the alps
Athlete overlooking the mountain in the early morning in his active wear
Young sports model carrying his ortovox backpack up the mountain in spring, with a few snow fields behind him.
Magnificent sunrise in the mountains with a couple lost on a very steep ridge overlooking the mountains.
Couple trekking ontop of the Karwendel Mountain range, tightening their backpacks after a short break.
Young man rolling up his tent at dawn while wearing fair fashion clothes near Stockholm, Sweden.
Hannah sitting on a rock at sunrise drinking coffee, being reflected in the puddle in front of her. She is wearing fair fasion from Hess Natur.
Girl jumping over the rocks by the sea near Stockholm is given a helping hand by a man outside the frame.
Fair fashion model Hannah, jumping over the rocks in front of her tent by the sea at sunrise in Stockholm, Sweden
Young man stoking the fire at a campite of our expedition in norway, while cooking food over the fire.
Group of friends lying in a tent laughing and looking up at the viewer. In the background is the lake district of Oslo, Norway
Tent perched ontop of a rock under a group of pine trees next to a lake in Norway
Young man paddling his packraft across a lake at dusk in the district near Oslo.
Group of packrafters navigating around islands in a lake district near Oslo, Norway
Young man taking a picture of his tent on his cellphone at sunrise near a lake in Olso, Norway.
Picture of a hand lighting a fire with some birch bark and a spark knife in Oslo, Norway.
Young man juxtaposed infront of a semi cloudy sky in his jack wolfskin jacket drinking from a
Couple fishing by a lake at sunset in Norway
Silhouette of three people standing next to their lit tent under black trees by a lake near Oslo, Norway.
When nature calls - a man sitting on a portable toilet in the great outdoors
Landscape picture of a man sitting on on the top of the Schesaplana glacier with toilet paper flowing in the wind
aerial photo of a man sitting on a toilet with a view of the luenersee and the mountains in the background
Julia turning her Ski's on a steep climb on our skitour in the mountains near Innsbruck. The snow spraying behind her, and the mountains in the background.
Woman skiing down a steep slope in the Alps near Innsbruck, with the snow spraying behind her and the mounains in the background
Rotor blade mechanic abseiling down a wind turbine with a view of the wind park on Fehmarn behind him.
Portrait of industrial climber writting his protocol on top of a wind turbine on Fehmarn.
Portrait of David, the car guard at muizenberg kite sport sporting his underwater goggles, protecting him from the sand blasting.
Portrait of Muizenberg's Car guard at the local kite spot sporting his bmx bike, goggles and some grapes.
Man diving into the white wash of a wave in california.
Surfer catching a wave in California
Girl bathing in a dam in South Africa splashing the photographer witth water
Siblings hugging each other on an outdoor adventure in south africa
Outdoor Adventure Company driving their landrover through the setting sun in South Africa
Landrover Discovery rounding a corner in the mountains on a mountain pass, kicking up the dust in he sunset.
Urban Sports Athlete stretching using a railing of a bridge, demonstrating urban sports.
Close up shot of the legs of a personal trainer in berlin riding his BMC urban street bike over a bridge in Moabit.
Line of people hiking up a mountain on an outdoor adventure in the Cederberg Mountain Range in South Africa
Urban sports biker putting on his biking helmet before going on a bike ride on his urban sports bike.
Urban sports trainer running over a bridge in the north of Berlin, the sun casting shadows from the reilings.
Portrait of Roxy at the top of the mountain in her sport apparel, about to put on her sunglasses.
Portrait shot of Anja climbing the mountain on her split board on our skitrip with the outdoorchicks.
Portrait of a woman sitting at the wheel of her vw camper van smiling. Her hair is blowing in the wind. Shot as part of a self portrait story by Cape Town Photographer Jessica Zumpfe
A girl sitting next to her van both enjoying the view over the ocean at misty cliffs in cape town.
Young outdoor model sitting at the steering wheel of her vw camper van, gazing thoughtfully out of the window.
Four women in outdoor sport sitting against a night hut watching the sunrise over the mountain, dressed in ski clothes ready to go on a ski tour.
Fitness tainer getting ready to jump onto a bench
Fitness trainer jumping onto a bench
Fitness trainer showing some stretching routines on a bench in Berlin
Portrait of a young athlete looking out of the window of his flat in Berlin
Portrait of an athlete lying on his bed looking into the camera
Athlete portrait of a man lying on his bed in Berlin neukölln
Portrait of an athlete doing handstands in his bed in Berlin
Portrait of a mechanic working for Melkom in Grassy Park, Cape Town
Black and white Portrait of a mechanic in Cape Town wearing his working gear.