Norway Packraft Expedition with Fit for Fun Magazine

Shooting this Norway expedition for Fit for Fun Magazine has definitely been one of my favourite jobs thus far. Although I am not sure if I carried only the recommended amount of luggage according to my body weight.

We hiked for 12km up onto a lake plateau carrying everything we needed for four days in the wild. This included food, packrafts, camping- and photo equipment. After reaching the lake we quickly pumped up our individual packrafts, secured out luggage, and paddled towards the first island. We stayed in this area, paddling and camping in the wild for three more nights.

I had thrown the second tent out to make room for more equipment. We made a little tarp-shelter and slept on our upturned packrafts. It was a great adventure expedition and we almost felt like we were on holiday.
The only cravings we had on return were a cold beer and a hot shower.