About me

Hi, I’m Jess. I am one of the few women photographers specialised in outdoor sports and social enterprises.

I grew up in advertising, travelling the world as a lighting- and digital assistant for many renowned photographers.

Here’s what I learned:

  • How to park an 11m-Sprinter 10 cm away from a wall
  • Surviving on very little sleep for a very long time
  • How to optimise ALL workflows
  • The true meaning of ‘n Boer maak ‘n Plan (necessity is the mother of inventions)
  • Opening a box of pringles and casually placing them on the table can save the day

It’s also, counter to common belief, where I got my muscles from: by carrying heavy packs onto remote beaches or mountain lakes.

Why Berlin and Cape Town?

This is a great question.

Cape Town – that’s easy. Who wouldn’t want to be based there?!

I grew up in the Southern Peninsula, a bit outside of the city, wedged between the mountains and the sea. I guess that’s where I discovered my love of nature and my adventurous spirit. My school days were framed by dips in the ocean, therefore I will probably never get used to living without it.

And Berlin?

Berlin is a buzzing city with many interesting people, ideas and movements. There is always a lot to take in. It’s a great European base for me and a good way to stay on top of trends and social topics. Except for the winters. I am not tough enough to survive a Berlin winter.

“The water rescue training on monday was a great experience for us again…. but it was also an experience to watch you at work.

Professional, through and through….and we are thrilled with the pictures!”

Gerhard Waldeck

“…You must take a look at her portfolio, she is really good and extremely innovative.

One of the new genereation with excellent skills and a huge amount of creativity.”

Petra Thaller

founder of Outdoor against Cancer OAC

“Hi Jessica, in your photos I recognize your dedication and enjoyment of nature and Man.

I just want to express my respect for you and your work.

Thank you!”

Michael Jaeger Photography

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