OutdoorChicks: Extreme Sports is for Girls

Extreme sports have always been male dominated. OutdoorChicks shows us there is a place for women in sports.
They are a group of passionate ladies who enjoy the power of nature to transform, improve, and strive for something better. They organise events, teach skills, and build a community which is more about inspiring and growing together than competing with each other.

We hiked up into the Austrian Alps by moonlight, built a fire in the “Winterraum”, cooked a lot of high-carb food, had seriously girly conversations and got up at the crack of dawn for another day of crisp winter sport.

Yes please! Let’s have more of that.

Photo of a winter night shelter ontop of the mountain before sunrise, the ski lines leading away from the hut and down the hill, with the mountain black in the background.e
Four women in outdoor sport sitting against a night hut watching the sunrise over the mountain, dressed in ski clothes ready to go on a ski tour.
Four sporting women ontop of the mountain near Innsbruck posing for the camera in their snow gear.
Portrait of Julia ontop of the mountain in Innsbruck before sunrise while having breakfast.
Julia turning her Ski's on a steep climb on our skitour in the mountains near Innsbruck. The snow spraying behind her, and the mountains in the background.
Portrait shot of Anja climbing the mountain on her split board on our skitrip with the outdoorchicks.
Anja showing what women in outdoor sport can do, snowboarding down a steep slope with the spray behind her and the mountain in the background.
Portrait shot of a ski girl wearing a helmet and goggles while climbing the slopes on a ski tour.
Portrait of Roxy at the top of the mountain in her sport apparel, about to put on her sunglasses.
Roxy speeding down a steep mountain slope near Innsbruck, the spray behind her and against a blue sunny sky.