P.A.C. Originals

Young man blowing into his aching hands after having climbed a hard route in Zillertal
Elena climbing a route on "ewige Jagdgründe" in Zillertal
Elena pulling herself into a climbing route in Zillertal
A woman sports climbing on a wall in Zillertal
Close up of a man's eyes, his mouth and nose covered with a scarf
Woman sitting by a fire next to a river bed, cuddled in her sleeping bag by a river in Ginzling

Sore hands, cold mornings and pumped arms were all part of this climbing shoot in Zillertal, Austria.

The difficulty with these kind of shoots is having Models that can do the sport you want to shoot.

This was a first shoot for Elena and Malcolm, and we think they did really well.

Shot on assignment for P.A.C. Originals.