Outdoor Adventure Roadtrip for Getout Adventures

Ready for some Action?
We took this client onto an outdoor adventure roadtrip into the heart of the Cederberg mountains in South Africa. Actually, the client took us, because that’s what they do.

It is always interesting and a particular challenge to shoot “normal people” as opposed to “models”. But I really enjoy it. There is so much realness and authenticity that wants to be tickled out and captured in an image.

This story was not just used for the client’s website and marketing strategy, but also appeared in Kitelife Magazine as an adventure story.

Outdoor Adventure Company driving their landrover through the setting sun in South Africa

Young girl standing in the middle of the desert holding a camera to her face and taking a picture.
Young man on an outdoor adventure in the mountains in the cederberg near Cape Town, Soutth Africa.
Landrover Discovery rounding a corner in the mountains on a mountain pass, kicking up the dust in he sunset.
Line of people hiking up a mountain on an outdoor adventure in the Cederberg Mountain Range in South Africa
Girl bathing in a dam in South Africa splashing the photographer witth water
Siblings hugging each other on an outdoor adventure in south africa