Outdoor Photography & the Sustainable Fashion Industry

Shooting the new Outdoor Catalogue for Hess Natur

It is a bit tricky to be on top of a mountain to shoot sports photography at sunrise with a whole production team.
Lucky for us, this was a place which we were (almost) able to reach by cable car. Lucky for me, everyone did their bit to make it work.

The cable car gave us one super early ride up and as the others were setting up base camp, the models, assistants, and I hiked to the top. I hoped the sunrise would look something like it was supposed to – and it did!
In sports photography shootings, not only the models but the whole team needs to be pretty fit. These guys were running up and down the mountain, carrying clothes, food, and equipment back and forth all day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to hike the 3h descent with the models after the shoot – insurance issues. Would have been nice though!

We were lucky to have a great client, producing fair and sustainable active wear without the use of plastic materials. It is a great motivator to feel we are making a small difference in the World.

Check out our pictures on Hess Natur‘s website.

Sports photography models Hannah and Carlo climbing a via Ferrata at the Karwendel Mountain range, with Mittenwald in the background and far below them.

Mountain climber looking into the camera
Young Man climbing a fixed rope route while wearing a helmet in the austrian alps
Gipfelstürmer. Portrait of a couple on top of the Karwendel mountain range at sunrise, with some lensflare and dark mountains in the background.
Magnificent sunrise in the mountains with a couple lost on a very steep ridge overlooking the mountains.
Sustainable fashion campaign wide shot of a couple standing on the ledge of a mountain face in the bavarian alps
Young sports model carrying his ortovox backpack up the mountain in spring, with a few snow fields behind him.
Couple trekking ontop of the Karwendel Mountain range, tightening their backpacks after a short break.
Athlete overlooking the mountain in the early morning in his active wear
Man and woman cuddling in their sleepingbags during a sports photo shoot in the austrian alps and laughing.
young man relaxing on a mountain while wearing sustainable fashion sports wear
Sports pic showing a man hiking in the alps