Photo Production for Jochen Schweizer’s Outdoor Survival Camp.

The story goes, when you’re a high-achieving manager, where most of your life is about success, achievement and effiicency. You probably have the right morning routine to go with it, and might need to get out into the wild every now and again.

A survival guide will make you dig out worms and probably taste them, make you swim under freezing glacier waterfalls, teach you how to make fires and maybe even cook on them. He will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before.

But you will feel as if you have never been more alive.

Man bathing under a freezing waterfall and screaming for joy
Dark portrait of a wet man in the woods
Man testing his night shelter in the woods on a survival camp
Survival trainer talking to a man drinking out of a stream in the woods
Survival trainer giving a man a hand while climbing up an embankment in the forest
Man putting a worm into his mouth
Man wading through a rushing river carrying his backpack over his head
Man standing next to a fast river with his backpack next to him
Man blowing on smoking straw to make a fire in the woods
Survival trainer and his client sitting around a fire in the woods