For this photo production, we had to be right up ontop of the mountain at sunrise. It was a two hour hike from the nearest hut, at pretty high altitudes. But it’s all worth it, when the sun rises, the clouds are high enough, and the sun hits the rockface just as you had imagined.

After having been indoors for so long after the first lockdown of 2020, there was not enough adventures to be had anyway, and we were ready to give it all we got.

Three friends drinking coffee in the sunrise under a tarp ontop of the Rofanspitze in Austria
Man trailrunning at the top of the mountain in Rofan
Two men trailrunning ontop of the Rofansspitze in the sunrise with a signpost in the foreground
Portrait of a man closing his jacket while wearing a petzl headtorch while on a trailrun in the sunrises
Rofanspitze in the sunrise
Two men trailrunning in the sunrise on Rofanspitze in Austria
Couple watching the sunset ontop of the Rofanspitze in Austria
Portrait of a man looking at his girlfriend in the sunset ontop of Rofanspitze