Hess Natur Sweden – How Fair is Fair Fashion?

Can Fair Fashion brands fly around the world for shootings?

How sustainable do they have to be, while still being able to make it in a commercial market?
I recently heard that Munich has opened the very first fair fashion outlet. All of these companies kind-of promise to save the world. How fair and how sustainable is it, really, if they also have to overproduce?

This shoot was for a sustainable fashion brand which has been organic and fair for over 40 years. We flew to Sweden to shoot – is that okay? Lets face it: also sustainable, fair, organic, and social brands have to win in a cutthroat market. They are not claiming to change the system, they are trying to make the world a little better within a system that is not made for it.

Check out Hess Natur‘s Website.

Hannah sitting on a rock at sunrise drinking coffee, being reflected in the puddle in front of her. She is wearing fair fasion from Hess Natur.

Young fair fashion model kneeing in his canoe in a lake, juxtaposed in front of the sky.
Young man rolling up his tent at dawn while wearing fair fashion clothes near Stockholm, Sweden.
Nicklas and Hanna canoeing in a lake near Stockholm, Nicklas by mistake splashing water at Hannah sitting in front of him in the canoe.
Fair fashion model Hannah, jumping over the rocks in front of her tent by the sea at sunrise in Stockholm, Sweden
Nicklas crouching on a rock near the sea wearing fair fashion and whittling away at a stick, shot through the inside of his tent.
Black and white photo of a couple wearing fair fashion clothes while jumping barefoot through a lake near Stockholm, Sweden.
Woman wearing a fair fashion jersey by Hess Natur, lying in a hammock reading a book in nature.
Couple standing on a cliff overlooking the sea near stockolm, Sweden. They are wearing outdoor clothing by a fair fashion brand Hess Natur
Girl jumping over the rocks by the sea near Stockholm is given a helping hand by a man outside the frame.