For a week we rolled around in the mud, caught fish in lakes and (almost) ate worms on this photoproduction for Jochen Schweizer. We rigged ropes across rivers or waded through them, learned how to make fires like scouts, and how to build our own emergency shelter before it gets dark.

If I didn’t know how to do it already, it’s a great way to find your outdoor feet.

Woman hanging upside down on a rope over a river and making a peace sign
Woman making a scary face having bathed in mud
Girl preparing a fire to cook on on a river bank
Five friends running through a river bed on a Jochen Scchweizer survival camp
Woman doing the splits while abseiling down a rock
Woman robbing through a mud puddle on a Jochen Schweizer survival camp
Five friends in the woods navigating with a compass
close-up of a man's hands holding a compass

Five friends sitting in a storm shelter on a Jochen Schweizer Survival camp
Man sitting around a campfire on the banks of a river, laughing and holding an apple on a stick