Extreme Sports Shooting

Getting Down and Dirty (and Cold)

I love shooting extreme sports from as close as possible, being right behind, above or underneath the athlete. This makes the pictures more dynamic and gives a feeling of being part of the action.

In this snowkiting shoot, I lay right underneath the rider, with my assistants holding and moving the lights as the rider came towards me. It was pretty precarious as there was a high risk of him landing on me.

In the kiting shoot, I was bobbing between the waves, being pushed towards the shore and tumbled on numerous occasions. The rider actually dragged me out as it was impossible to swim behind the beach break with my camera in hand.

There I bobbed, hoping the sharks would not mistake me for something tasty.

Snowkite champion Benjamin Näther jumping in the snow

Snowkite champion Benjamin Näther jumping in the snow
Kiter riding the waves in South africa
Kiter riding a wave at glencairn beach in cape town