Couple pushing their bikes along the riverbed at sunrise
Couple cycling along a gravel road next to a river at sunrise
Man pumping up his gravel bike after a puncture
Detail of a man fixing a bicycle tire wearing VAUDE gloves
Couple cycling along a single track next to the river
Man gravel cyclist carring his bicycle through the river
Man taking his VAUDE cycle bags off his gravel bikess
Man closing his VAUDE bike bag
Couple cycling along the Lech with their packed gravel bikes
Long shot of a couple pushing their gravel bikes in the river bed
Couple making dinner at their camp on the river
Man arranging his bicycles around the VAUDE tent
Woman cyclist taking off her click-in shoes at the river bed
Woman cyclist setting up camp by the river and unpacking her cycle bags
Female cyclist looking at the setting sun in the mountains on her gravel bike tour
Tent on an island in the river after sunset

For the new VAUDE AllTour campaign we took the whole team on a little gravel bicycle tour along the river bed.

Early mornings coupled with long evenings to catch the best light. Our Equipment and Food was packed in the clients AllTour Bicycle bags.

Just the kind of adventure we like to have on our shootings.