For this Photo Production, Harald and Markus, the founders of WALDEN Magazine, wanted to test their Alpine climbing skills. So we packed our things and went on a tour of the “Stone Ocean” in Saalfelden-Leogang, Austria. First time on the ropes, we did multiple summits in two days, spending a night in one of the most beautiful mountain huts in the middle of the stone desert.

WALDEN Magazin founders Markus and Harald setting off from the mountain hut for their first mountaineering tour
WALDEN Magazin founders on a mountaineering trip in Salzburger Land
WALDEN Magazin founder Harald Willenbrock climbing a rockface on his first mountaineering tour in Austria
Kaesespaetzle in a pan at a mountain hut in austria
Spectacular sunset ontop of the mountain
WALDEN Magazin Founders Harald Willenbrock and Markus Wolff enjoying the sunset ontop of the mountain on their first mountaineering tour