The air is thin up on the highest mountain in Austria, and the way up leads over a glacier and steep traverses which definitely require a rope and a guide. Usually this trip is done in two or three days. Believing we are pretty fit, we ran up the mountain on day one, slept in the highest hut in Austria, after having climbed to the top for sunset. At first, it was cloudy and windy, freezing our breath on our scalves.

Just before our descent, the sky opened up and gave us a magnificent light and a view over the clouds. What a moment to have on the summit!

The hut keeper on the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte gave us a great welcome, and celebrated our achievements with us until well into the night, making the descent the next morning harder than the ascent.

Sunset ontop of Grossglockner Summit
Mountain guide Roman laughing and happy at the summit of Grossglockner
Mountain Guide Wolfi looking up at Grossglockner Summit wearing sunglasses
Two mounaineers on ropes making their way down from the Grossglockner Summit
Panorama of two mountain tours making their way up through the snow to the Grossglockner summit
Two mountain guides making their way through the snow up to Grossglockner summit
Panorama view of the Erzherzog-Johann-Huette at night
Erzherzog-Johann-Huette buried in snow at night